For people with partial or fluctuating sight

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Reviews from users of SuperNova Magnifier & Speech:

I am now up and running and I like it! I think the Setup Wizard is very good and I definitely think it will help new users to get up and running quickly.
Sue Allard - (Gloucester) 25/11/08

We usually require software which has dual screen reader and magnification to help the majority of our children with visual tasks, on the basis that seeing AND hearing something is better with poor vision. Screen readers also help with literacy skills.
Jane Sutcliffe - (Childrens Services, Norwich, UK) 04/12/07

LunarPlus is a great help with my sight difficulties. I am now able to do almost anything on my computer. It may not be the 'be all to end all' but it is seven eighths towards it when you are able to do almost anything you want. When it magnifies it you have to scroll about a bit but you are able to see anything you want. The sound on the speech is great.
Ken Jones - (UK) 26/11/07

I have just purchased a pen drive from you with Lunar on it and I wouldn't change it for the world, its a brilliant bit of kit. I hope to recommend it to anyone that's moving from PC to PC, need speech or large print.
Phillip Baker - (UK) 08/08/07

We offer advice to people all around the world, and Dolphin's international presence and support for a wide range of languages is particularly useful to us. Dolphin is also able to offer compatible products for magnification, speech and Braille users on all of the major Microsoft operating systems, making it much easier for employers, schools and universities to provide an accessible IT system which caters for different needs.
Richard Orme - (Head of Technology in Learning and Employment, RNIB) 18/07/06

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