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Hello and welcome to the Dolphin video tutorials.
In this tutorial I am going to be taking a look at the quick access toolbar, a feature of the Microsoft Word and the other Office programs, and also a really hand feature within Dolphin SuperNova that lets you get to this quick access toolbar and use all of its features really easily.
The quick access toolbar can be found in the top left hand corner of your Microsoft Word Window and it contains a number of tools that you might use most often.
By Default:
- Save
- Repeat
- Customise toolbar
So let's have a look at how we can add things to the quick access toolbar and then use them.
I've got a few lines of text here and there are some things I would like to do with them. Firstly I would like to make this first sentence bold and I would like to centre it. Then in this third sentence I would like to check the spelling, because as we can see we have a spelling error in the middle.
So normally I could either remember all my hotkeys, or I could go up to the ribbon at the top of the screen or, what I am going to this time, use the quick access toolbar to save me having to do those things.
So first of all I am going to add the bold tool to the quick access toolbar.
So to do this press ALT to jump the focus up to the ribbon. Now I am using the 'Focus Highlighting' here so that is why we have the big red square around it to make it nice and easy to see. And now I am going to move through until I get to the 'Bold' tool.
Now my focus is on 'Bold' I can press SHIFT + F10, and this brings up a new little menu, and at the top I have 'Add to quick access toolbar'. Simply press ENTER on that and it's now been added to my quick access toolbar.
So I'm just going to go through and do the other ones, I wanted centre aligned and the spell checker. So once again press ALT to get up to the ribbon, and now I can go down to centre aligned, once again SHIFT + F10, and 'Add to quick access toolbar'.
This last one is a little bit different because I have got to go to the 'Review' tab. So ALT again, up to 'Home', over to 'Review' and then 'Spelling and Grammar', SHIFT + F10 once again and then 'Add to quick access toolbar'.
Right so all of those tools are up in my quick access toolbar so now I have got to access them, and there is a really handy little feature within Dolphin SuperNova and that is CAPS LOCK + Q. This is a little version of the 'Item Finder' which you may well have used on the internet or indeed other places such as Microsoft Word., and this just brings up a list of what is in the quick access toolbar.
There I have Save, Repeat, my new one Bold, Centre and Spelling and Grammar. And so now I am going to put these to use.
So I am going to put these into use, and I am going to highlight this first line, so I am going to use SHIFT + END and that should highlight the whole line. Now I wanted to make this bold and centre aligned so I am going to do CAPS LOCK + Q to open up my quick access toolbar finder, I'm going to go down to Bold and press ENTER. And there we go my text is now bold. I also wanted to make it centre aligned so once again CAPS LOCK + Q, down to Centre and press ENTER. And there we have it my text is now bold and centred.
So there is one last thing I was going to do, down here I have got a bit of a spelling mistake, I have miss spelled compatible. So now I could press the F7 key to start the spell checker but if I could not remember that key I could go into my quick access toolbar again. So once again CAPS LOCK + Q, and right down here I have got the Spelling and Grammar. So select that and press ENTER again and up pops the spelling and grammar checker. There we have it compatible up at the top and underneath I have the correct spelling. So I am just going to choose 'Change' in there and my document is complete.
So that is a brief overview of the quick access toolbar within Microsoft Word and that really handy feature CAPS LOCK + Q within Dolphin SuperNova that you can use to access those tools.
Thank you.

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