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Read the transcript of video: Using laptops in lessons gives student a boost

We had a discussion with each individual student – we have ten students on the project at the moment and they are all quite capable with IT skills. We looked at individual timetables and agreed with the students where they felt they would be able to use their laptop. So because we've got an agreed timetable, the students come and pick their laptops up and take them into lessons.

The students report back to me and say that they find it much quicker and much easier using the laptop in the lesson. They are able to complete worksheets whether it’s in Science, or R.E., or History using their computer. They can edit it and they can decide to insert things into their work quite easily, so it’s giving them much more confidence. Obviously in a mainstream school the pace of work is so quick and our students sometimes find it difficult to keep up with that pace of writing, or even read back their own writing when they’re rushing, so using the laptop with the appropriate software has made life so much easier for the students and for me. It’s giving them skills that are going to be life skills in the future, and hopefully it’ll open the doors to many aspects of either employment or higher education.

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