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Hello and welcome to the Dolphin video tutorials. In this video I am going to be demonstrating some of the new features and changes in version 12.
The first thing to mention is the change of names. The Dolphin SuperNova family of magnifiers and screen readers have been renamed to describe what they do. The four products in the range are: SuperNova Access Suite, SuperNova Screen Reader, SuperNova Magnifier and SuperNova Reader Magnifier. Essentially the products are all the same, we have just re-named them to make it easier to understand what they do.
SuperNova now contains an all new feature called true fonts. With true fonts text appears smooth even at the highest levels of magnification. With True Fonts added as the default, SuperNova now offers three options for on screen text display. These options can be toggled with left control and number pad 8. There is none which simply magnifies the original text, standard which is available in SuperNova 11 and earlier, and the new true fonts technology that enables the text to be perfectly smooth no matter how high the level of magnification.
SuperNova now supports multiple monitors meaning that you can increase productivity by using as many monitors as you require.
The size of the magnified mouse pointer can now be set independent of the magnification level. If a fixed, custom mouse pointer size is chosen, for example 4, the mouse pointer will stay 4 times its original size, irrespective of the magnification level. This prevents the mouse pointer getting smaller and getting lost at low magnification levels. Also the fixed mouse pointer prevents the mouse pointer becoming too large and obscuring the text at higher magnification levels. Relative values can also be chosen, to keep the mouse pointer at a practical comparative size when changing the level of magnification, for example, you could choose 150%, which would keep the mouse pointer at 150% of your current magnification level.
SuperNova version 12 now supports Microsoft Office 2010 as well as 2007 and 2003. The documentation within the help system should contain all the information you need to get up and running with this latest version of Microsofts Office program.
Launch Pad allows you to quickly and easily launch a selection of: Radio Stations, Podcasts and RSS News feeds. You can use Launch Pad to lookup the dictionary definition of a word, find out the local weather forecast, search for books, and find walking directions. You can open launch pad at anytime with CAPS LOCK + F10.
SuperNova Access Suite, SuperNova Screen Reader and SuperNova reader magnifier now use Vocalizer, the latest generation of synthesiser from Nuance communications. Many of the Vocalizer voices will sound familiar to existing Realspeak users.
Vocalizer contains several performance and feature enhancements not available in Realspeak.
- Responsiveness. Vocalizer is comparatively more responsive than the equivalent RealSpeak voices. This is especially noticeable while typing with Character Echo switched on.
- Speed. Vocalizer supports a wider range of speed settings and can be set to speak much quicker than RealSpeak. Vocalizer continues to be highly intelligible at high speaking rates.
- New sounds and pausing features. Vocalizer can use beeps for capital announcements, toggled from Speech>General Announcements. Plus, support for Phrase Pause, found on the Speech>Voice Preferences>User Defined Voices page.
For help and support on any of the topics in this video visit our website at www.yourdolphin.com or access the help system menu with CAPS LOCK + F1. Thank you.


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