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Hello and welcome to the Dolphin video tutorials.

In this tutorial I am going to be demonstrating the setup wizard and how it can help you to get your Dolphin software set up the way you like it. The first time that you start SuperNova the setup wizard will begin. If you don't want to follow the wizard and just get started with SuperNova you can press cancel. Each stage of the wizard refers to a different setting. Each stage has a title such as 'magnification', a brief description of the setting, and then the option to keep the default setting or change it to one of your own. The options in the set up wizard will vary depending on which edition of SuperNova you have. Remember that you can change any of these settings from the SuperNova control panel, so if you decide that you do not like the settings you have chosen you can change them at any time.

In the setup wizard you can change things such as the magnification, highlighting and colour schemes. You can change the voice and synthesiser that you use as well as your Braille settings and other general settings such as how you want the control panel to be displayed and if you want SuperNova to start up automatically when you turn on your computer. You can access the setup wizard at any time by going to the help menu in the SuperNova control panel and choosing setup wizard.

The setup wizard is a great way to try out some of the different settings within SuperNova. Try it for yourself and remember that if you require any more information on any of the settings, you can find it in the SuperNova help system, which is accessed with CAPS LOCK + F1.




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