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Hello and welcome to the Dolphin video tutorials.

In this tutorial we are going to be looking at the Dolphin help system. The Dolphin Help system contains help and information on SuperNova and a wide range of applications such as Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. The easy to follow, step by step instructions can help you perform a wide range of task related to each application.

The help system is application sensitive, which means that it can detect what application you are running and provide the most relevant help. You can access the help system in several ways but the easiest is by pressing CAPS LOCK + F1. This will open the help system menu. There are several options available within the help system. The first option is the application sensitive help. Because I am not running and applications now the help system is displaying Windows Explorer help.
If I open Internet Explorer and press CAPSLOCK + F1 again the first option in the help system is Internet Explorer 7 and 8 help. Choosing this option and pressing ENTER or clicking on it with the mouse opens the Internet Explorer section of the help system.

There are many other useful within the help system menu. There is a list of all the hotkeys,
A link that takes you directly to the help and support section of the Dolphin website, the full SuperNova manual that contains all the SuperNova and application topics. A Windows basics section that provides information on using the windows operating system. And, 'my notes'. This feature enables you to write your own notes on applications. This could be some hotkeys that you use on a regular basis, notes on which type face you use for different types of letters or documents.
'My notes' is application sensitive, meaning that you can make notes for specific applications. For example if I open Internet Explorer, go to my notes, make a note and save it, then these notes will only be available again when I am using Internet Explorer.

The help content itself can be navigated easily using the four tabs in the left hand pane. There is a contents pane containing all of the help topics, an index, a search feature so that you can search for a particular piece of information and a favourites tab where you can store your most frequently visited topics. To add a topic to your favourites simply open the topic, go to the favourites tab and select the 'Add' button. To move between the navigation pane and the reading pane press F6. This will move the Dolphin cursor between the two and allow you to read the information contained within each topic. Each section of the help system contains links to other parts, as well as forwards and back controls and a home button, much like you would find within Internet Explorer.
When you are navigating the SuperNova control panel and the configuration windows within, you will often find Help buttons. These buttons will open the help system and take you directly to the relevant part of the manual, allowing you to find the relevant support that you need quickly and easily.

To try the SuperNova help system for yourself, and discover just how much information and support it contains, press CAPS LOCK + F1.

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