SuperNova Magnifier & Speech

For people with partial or fluctuating sight

Screen magnifier, visual highlighting and natural voices for reading documents. Ideal for people who require optional speech to read longer documents.

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Version 15 - What's new?Latest update: 15.01 - Version History

SuperNova Reader Magnifier enlarges, enhances and speaks text, so partially sighted people can stay productive, even when sight changes.

SuperNova is available in 3 editions - choose your correct combination of magnification, speech and Braille features, knowing that if your eyesight changes you can switch editions without starting over.

Latest news: SuperNova 15 with Windows 10 support is here!

Video: Meet SuperNova - Reader Magnifier

  Meet SuperNova - Reader Magnifier

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Citrix & Terminal Server Support


Support for 32 bit Citrix, 64 bit Citrix and Terminal Server environments is available for all editions of SuperNova.

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