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SuperNova - Getting Started

SuperNova comes with everything you need to get you up and running right away.

The Setup Wizard walks you through the most commonly changed SuperNova settings. Choose your magnification, visual, speech, Braille, start-up, control panel and keyboard preferences. You can skip steps or go back at any time. The wizard runs automatically the first time you launch SuperNova. You can also call the Setup Wizard any time from the SuperNova Help menu.

Learn SuperNova with a series of short video tutorials which introduce and demonstrate popular features.

CAPS+F1 Help menu provides convenient access to detailed descriptions of completing tasks in popular applications such as Microsoft Office and on the web. In addition CAPS+F1 includes hotkeys, links to web resources, Windows Basics, SuperNova Manual and Notes.

This feature is present in SuperNova: Access Suite, Screen Reader, Magnifier and Reader Magnifier. SuperNova Hal Lunar LunarPlus