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Using Winamp with Dolphin Products

(Applies to: ScreenReader, SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader, SuperNova Magnifier & Speech)

Chapter 4: Using the Equaliser

The Winamp 10-band graphical equaliser is a device that enables you to change the sound of the music by cutting or boosting frequencies such as bass, treble or the mid range. Winamp comes with a large number of presets for the equaliser suited to different genres of music. However, you can also do your own custom equaliser settings which is also supported by your screen reader.

To switch to the equaliser window, use the control + tab hot key. The equaliser is visible by default but if you want to hide or show it, the alt + g hotkey can be used for that.

Before the equaliser can be used, it must be turned on using the N key. Again, the screen reader announces whether the equaliser is on. Next, control + s can be used to load an equaliser preset from the list box, even when the music is playing. To get the big picture of the equaliser preset numerically, that is which frequency bands are boosted or cut and how much, you can use the read status hotkey numpad 2 (or application action 2, left shift + numpad 8) for this information.

The readout of the equaliser is highly speech verbosity dependent. On high verbosity the number of the band, the amplitude in Decibels and the frequency in kilohertz are read out. Lower verbosity levels make the information more compact and omit the band number. The minimum verbosity is a good way to get the big picture of just the amount of boost or cut for the frequency bands. Using Braille, the boost in Decibels and the frequency in Hertz or Kilohertz are shown separated by a slash for each frequency band.

Winamp offers a number of hotkeys for modifying an existing equaliser preset or creating a new one. There are ten frequency bands to be customized, so each one has a pair of hotkeys for increasing or decreasing the amplitude for the band. The keys to decrease the equaliser bands are Q to P on a qwerty keyboard, and those to increase them are simply the numbers 1 to 9 and 0, respectively. Finally the preamp level can also be boosted or cut using the keys tab and single quote (').

When the amount of boost or cut for a band is changed using the keyboard, the screen reader announces the new value immediately. The output is exactly the same as used in the equaliser readout. Saving as a preset is simple. hit the S key for the preset menu, and choose Save/Preset, giving the preset a new name.

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