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12th Jul, 2011

IEP magnified by SuperNova on a flat screen monitor

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Dolphin Computer Access today released a free SuperNova update for all version 12 users enabling people with low vision or partial sight to fully experience the benefits of Internet Explorer 9 for the first time. Released in March 2011, Internet Explorer was immediately adopted as the World's most popular web browser. However to the low vision community, Microsoft's newest web browser presented a significant challenge.

Colin Shales, a magnification tester at Dolphin and author of 'Colin's Column', a Facebook blog on computer access for low vision people explains further;

Whilst most of the sighted world got excited about the arrival of Internet Explorer 9, low vision people like me were feeling left behind. I have macular degeneration and rely on SuperNova to magnify the screen's contents up large so I can shop online, write my Facebook blog and read the day's headlines. SuperNova not only magnifies the text it also smooths the letters so I can read them, a feature we call True Fonts. Without this 'high definition' font smoothing, the letters are jagged and almost illegible."

Internet Explorer 9 was one of the first applications to include a new performance enhancing technology called Direct2D. However, Direct2D was not compatible with existing font smoothing technologies available in the access technology market. This left low vision computer users like Colin using Internet Explorer 8 and unable to share in the Internet Explorer 9 excitement. A photo of Microsoft's Dan Hubbell

Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, Dan Hubbell, explains how Microsoft & Dolphin have been working in partnership to configure SuperNova's True Fonts font smoothing technology to support Internet Explorer 9.

Dolphin's developers have responded quickly and effectively to the release of Internet Explorer 9. With support for Internet Explorer 9, SuperNova is enabling people with low vision to realize their potential and experience the beauty of the web."

Dolphin's SuperNova is available in 4 editions; Magnifier or Reader Magnifier for people with low vision, Screen Reader for people with blindness and Access Suite for organizations catering for people with a range of sight impairments. 30 day trials of SuperNova's editions are available from the Dolphin website at and include support for Internet Explorer 9.

Existing SuperNova version 12 customers are immediately able download their free update to version 12.04 via SuperNova's Internet Updater.

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IE9 Magnified
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SuperNova's True Fonts: High definition font smoothing in the Internet Explorer 9 address bar.






Ebay magnified by SuperNova using IE9Click on the thumbnail to see the full size screenshot.

Crystal clear: 3.5x fractional magnification in the Internet Explorer 9 address bar.





IE9 magnified with the Grey Scale colour scheme

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Full IE9 support: 8x True Font magnification & Grey Scale colours on Internet Explorer 9's 'One Box'.