Dolphin at ATIA 2012

Easy Computing, Amazing Screen Magnification and More

23rd Jan, 2012

ATIA 2012 Orlando logo

Experience Dolphin's full range of innovative software products designed for people who are low vision or blind, at the 2012 Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) conference). Caribe Royale All-Suites, Resort & Convention Centre in Orlando Florida (Jan 26-28).

Easy Computing

Get a demo of Dolphin Guide, easy computing for seniors. Now supporting digital books from NLS's BARD service.

Never used a computer and losing your sight? Get started with Dolphin Guide & soon you'll be:

  • Emailing friends and family
  • Scanning and reading printed documents.
  • Surfing the web and listening to podcasts.
  • Having fun with: chat, games, reading books and much more!

Dolphin Guide provides step by step choices that guide you through to guaranteed computer success.

Amazing Magnification

Seeing the difference with SuperNova Magnifier - perfect for people with low vision.

SuperNova magnifies 3 applications on 3 monitors

One click and everything on screen is instantly magnified. Zoom in and change colors for crystal clear detail. Simply enlarge or add speech output as needs change.

  • Now truly: multitask, collaborate, train or present with SuperNova's multiple monitor support.
  • View each magnified application on its own monitor.
  • View different parts of the same application on different monitors.
  • Switch screens with a simple keystroke and SuperNova remembers your place.
  • Never lose the pointer with Supernova's Mouse Buffer.
  • Applications including Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 displayed in high definition using SuperNova's beautiful True Font technology.

Meet the friendly Dolphin Computer Access team at ATIA and try our tools for: screen magnification, screen reading and producing alternative formats. Join Dolphin in the exhibition hall at booth 1108 or attend one of the following presentations:

Simple Talking Computing for Blind Seniors - A Real Life Journey
Friday, January 27
1:15 PM - 2:15 in Boniare 8

Dolphin Bookshelf: Integrating Cloud Services into Assistive Technology
Thursday, January 26
12:30 PM - 12:50 PM in the Product Demo Centre

Since 1986 Dolphin products have enabled hundreds of thousands of customers to enjoy the same level of independence as peers. Dolphin develop and deliver the widest variety of software products for people with print and visual impairments. With offices in: US, UK, Sweden and Norway, Dolphin export to more than thirty countries worldwide:

The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) serves as the collective industry voice aiming to deliver the best products and services for people with disabilities.