Internet Explorer 7 is released.

Important information for users of IE7 and Dolphin software.

31st Oct, 2006

IE7 logo

After a five year wait, Microsoft have finally released the new version of the World's favourite Internet browser for Windows XP.

Dolphin are demonstrating our commitment to improved Internet access by announcing the immediate availability of comprehensive Internet Explorer 7 support found in Dolphin screen access software.

Apart from a sleek new design, version 7 comes with a number of new features including:

  • Tabbed browsing of web pages within a single browser window
  • Anti-phishing system to help prevent fraud
  • Improved web page printing
  • Built-in RSS news reader
  • Search the Internet using your favorite search provider

This new release is available for download now from Microsoft's website and will be included as an automatic update for Windows XP users from November 2006. IE 7 will also be the default browser for the next version of Microsoft Windows, (called Windows Vista), due to launch in 2007.

Internet Explorer 7 and your Dolphin software.

Great news for users of Dolphin access software and IE7.

A new map file is now available to improve performance between Internet Explorer 7 and version 6.5 and version 7 of your Dolphin screen reading software. The new map file for Internet Explorer is available for both Hal and Supernova through the Internet Updater, (simply go to 'Map' and 'Update from Internet') alternatively you can download the new IE map from the support area on the web site.

Please note: under some circumstances some users have experienced an "entry point not found" message when using the menus on IE7. We have created a knowledge base article to help resolve this issue, read the article re. IE7 error here.

If you have any further questions about using Internet Explorer 7 with your Dolphin software, please contact our friendly technical support team or your Dolphin dealer who will assist you.

Happy browsing!