New Braille features in v11.50

New Braille Translation Tables

  • New Computer Braille codes. The list of supported Braille computer codes expands to 24 with the addition of Arabic and Slovak.
  • New Literary Braille Codes. The list of Literary Codes reaches 30 with the addition of Arabic Grade 1 and Czech. The German and Swedish Literary codes have also been updated.

Note: Arabic Braille is only fully supported when using an Arabic version of Supernova or Hal.

Tip: You can change the Computer and Literary Braille code being used by Supernova or Hal from the screen reader Control Panel.  Open the Braille > General Preferences dialog to choose from the dozens of input and output Braille codes available.

New Braille Input using the HIMS Braille Sense Plus

A photo of the HIMS Braille Sense PlusWith SuperNova and Hal version 11.50, the Braille input keys of the HIMS Braille Sense Plus can be used to write text directly in to your Windows applications. Both computer Braille and Literary Braille codes are supported. 

When using contracted Braille, the Braille contractions are back-translated to standard text which appears in your application as though it was typed using a regular QWERTY keyboard.

These are new features found in Dolphin's v11.50 Access Tools, read what's new in v11.50 to find out about other features of these products.