EasyReader Compatible Talking Books

EasyReader is compatible with a number of different talking book files types, including:

  • DAISY 2 books (ncc.html)
  • DAISY 3 / NIMAS books (.opf)
  • DTBook XML books (.xml)
  • HTML books (.htm)
  • TXT books (.txt)
  • Open (unprotected) EPUB books (.epub)

With EasyReader, readers can also open:

  • RFB&D audio books (RFB&D version required for this feature)
  • Bookshare.org text only books
  • DTBook DAISY XML files created by the Microsoft free 'Save As DAISY XML' plug-in
  • Books protected by the PDTB version 1 framework
  • Maths expressions that are created according to the MathML specification.
    (EasyReader automatically detects MathML expressions in HTML, DTBook and in DAISY books and transforms the XML math data into understandable images on screen. When the user navigates to a MathML expression, the whole expression can be spoken out by the chosen speech synthesizer)