Make and play DAISY the Word & EasyReader way

Did you know that EasyReader reads aloud the no audio DAISY XML files created by Microsoft's free Word Plug-in?

Any Microsoft Word user can now create their own DAISY materials then read and listen with Dolphin's EasyReader, enjoying all of the benefits of DAISY announced by the the natural crisp clean sounds of the Acapela synthesisers included with our software.

This flow chart illustrates the simple steps involved in creating your own multi-sensory DAISY book.

Step 1: Download the free Microsoft Word Plug-in from
(external link opens in a new window)


Step 2: Install the Word plug-in on your PC.

Microsoft Word logo


Step 3: Create your Word document and choose "Save As DAISY"

Word 2003 and Word 2007 Save As DAISY menu options


Step 4: Read, listen and enjoy your newly created DTBook with EasyReader & your favourite Acapela synthesiser (included with EasyReader).

Image of the book created with Microsoft's Save as DAISY plug-in playing in EasyReader